Black Worktops

Black Worktops PhotoDue to the high demand for Black Worktops we have put all of our black worktops in one place making it easier for you, our customer, to find what you are looking for.

Please note All worktops with * next to them have mirror particles or a sparkle effect to the worktop.

You can choose from black granite worktops, black laminate worktops, black quartz worktops, black Corian and black composite worktops. Simply click on your chosen colour sample below to view the sizes available and prices or to get an instant online quote for bespoke worktop products.

Black Granite Kitchen Worktops

Introduce a feel of elegance and beauty to your kitchen with the hard wearing and long lasting natural attributes of Black Granite Worktops, Granite gives you the reassurance that the just installed look remains for many years to come. Black Gloss Worktops can be prone to scratches which can show up very visibly on the black gloss worktop finish, but due to the fact that Granite is one of nature's hardest stones you can be assured that your black granite worktop will stay in its original condition just like the day you received it.

Black Corian Kitchen Worktops

Although solid black Corian Worktops can be produced they are not recommended for heavy traffic areas such as kitchen worktops. This is because the dark solid Corian colours show up surface scratches and are much more difficult to maintain than the lighter or patterned colours.

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Black Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Black Quartz Worktops consist of approx 90% pure quartz and 10% high quality polymers that when put together in the form of a quartz worktop get a high rating of 7 on the moh's hardness scale. This means quartz worktops are extremely durable, hardwearing and scratch resistant like granite. However the presence of the polymers in the quartz makes it a non porous surface unlike granite which is a porous natural stone.

Black Tristone Worktops

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White Worktops

White Corian Worktops

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Cameo White

Designer white

Ice white

Venaro white

White jasmine


Arctic ice


Glacier white

White Granite Worktops

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Kashmir white

White Tristone Worktops

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Natural Pearl

Snow Pearl

Pure White

Frost land

Cream sand


White Quartz Worktops

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Chalk White

Snow White

Bianco Carrara

Blanco zeus extreme

White storm

Chiffon white

Absolute blanc



Beach white

Belgian carrara white

Divinity white

Pure white

Supreme white


Alphine Shimmer









Super white


White sands


Frosty Carrina

Organic White

Pure White


Caspian White

Polar White

Velvet White