Compac Worktops

What is a Compac Quartz Worktop and its Benefits?

Compac Quartz Worktop is engineered natural Quartz mineral and fabricated with an exceptional durability and stunning beauty. Compac Worktop has the look and feel of natural Quartz but comprised with an excellent performance which is practical as well as beautiful.

Quartz is the most usual and rich mineral found in nature. It is integrated with scientific development and an advanced technique procedure, resulting in an ultimate resistant and elegant type of solid surface material which is now called Compac Quartz Worktop. Compac Worktop is composed of 93-95% natural Quartz, to which a slight amount of resins and pigments are added to aggregates of Quartz. Compac surface is a scratch, abrasion and an impact proof material. Compac Worktop has a high flexural resistance.

Compac Quartz solid surface material is resistant to water and to humidity which means, this is totally impermeable. Compac materials are also a vacuum-compacted material which is non-porous, so you can be sure that it will not absorb any fluids. Compac surface has a maximum resistance to acids, oils and liquids.

Generally, Compac products are highly resistance to any stains and dirt. This would mean, Compac Worktop has a very low maintenance cost and is easy to clean. Compac Worktops does not require any sealing or polishing to maintain its sheen, before or after the complete installation or while the worktop is being utilized. Compac materials provide a lifetime guarantee. Compac Worktops are the perfect option for any project for the consumer wanting quality with cost-effectiveness.

Compac Quartz Specifications

Compac solid surface comes in a wide scope of colours, patterns, designs, schemes, embellishments, sizes and thicknesses. We have available Compac Quartz tile format in 24"x24"; 24"x12" and slabs in 120"x55". We have it in standard thicknesses in tile format in 1/2" and slab format 1/2"; 3/4" and 1 1/4". We also have custom materials with the size and thickness of your choice to fully address your desire in attaining an elegant home kitchen.

Compac Quartz Cleaning and Care

Truly, Compac Quartz is extremely durable and highly resistant in everything but in order to utilize it for a lifetime, you will need to care for it. Just a simple and easy daily routine will do. To maintain your Compac Quartz worktop, all you need to do daily, is just a quick wipe down of any spills and splashes with foamy water, immediately after every use. But in case of any stains of vinegar, soft drinks, coffee, oils or grease, all you need to have is a pH-neutral product or detergent, which after use needs to be rinsed right away with warm water. Afterwards, with a clean piece of cloth, dry your Compac surface.