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We have been supplying kitchens & kitchen worktops since 1982, we have been selling online since 1995 and had our first "Online website" since 2000. We are quite probably one of the largest online kitchen worktop presences. We cover the UK and design, install or simply supply thousands of worktops every year. In short, we know our market; our product and our customer's needs and we make every effort to fulfil them. As UK and online market leaders we understand that the moment we become complacent in product, quality or price then there are countless companies vying for our position. Your input for improvement will always be welcome.

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corian worktop

Corian® manufactured by DuPont™ carries their 10 year warranty giving you peace of mind as well as unparallel design flexibility. This elegant material can be shaped, like no other on the market, to fit even the most imaginitive kitchen design. Click the instant quote button below and we'll give you a quote right away! Our DuPont™ registered fitters will do the rest, click now!

Tri Stone

Tri Stone worktop

Tristone Worktops - Inexpensive Quality
A 100% acrylic worktop, Tristone has excellent heat reistant properties compared to materials such as Corian but comes at half the price. Tristone worktops can be formed into virtually any shape and with a fantastic range of colours available, it's the ideal choice for your kitchen.


zodiaq quartz worktop

Manufactured to our extremely high standards our Quartz worktops will simply take your breath away! Fitting in perfectly with modern and contemporary designs this natural product has the "wow" factor our customers are looking for. Templated and fitted by our expert installation team gives you peace of mind as well as a fabulous look that will last a lifetime.

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Solid Surface

corian effect worktop

Solid Surface - These extremely cost effective alternatives to Corian® will give satisfaction for many years to come. They are solid, non-porous and very easy to keep clean. Available in several brands including Minerelle, Maia and Artis, these surfaces are becoming extremely popular as they are sold as blanks and can be installed by most experienced kitchen fitters, no template required!.


granite worktop

The natural beauty of Granite adds elegance and style that's hard to beat! This solid, hard wearing substance has stood the test of time to be mined shaped and polished to extremely high standards. Whether fitted in a studio flat in London or a country home in Scotland Granite Kitchen Worktops create contemporary chic as well as traditional elegance. Template and fitted by our expert installation team means all you have to do is go to the quote page, we'll do the rest!


hardwood worktop

Hardwood Kitchen Worktops provide stunning natural beauty to any kitchen style, be it contemporary or classic. Hardwood's such as Oak, Beech, Wenge, Iroko, European or American Walnut will provide the "wow" factor to you kitchen. WE ARE THE IMPORTER, WHICH ENABLE US TO PASS HUGE DISCOUNTS ON TO YOU! Up to 70% off high street prices - Buy on-line today!

Laminate Worktops

laminate worktop

Laminate Kitchen Worktops have been around for many years, providing an inexpensive solution to your kitchen's function and design. Various brands can be found inside, including Axiom, Duropal, Bushboard etc. You can go to our on-line store where you will find the best price anywhere in the UK, shipped to your door within 3 - 5 working days. Our extensive range of colours and textures are just a click away. What are you waiting for? Take a look and buy on-line today!

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As we are the importers and our prices reflect that. We offer a PRICE PROMISE that we will endeavour to beat any price you find quoted as less than ours for an equal quality product such as Granite, Corian®, Quartz, Corian® look-alike R and Wooden fitted kitchen worktops. Usually, the only prices we get asked to beat are from websites that fail to include the VAT - all our prices INCLUDE VAT.

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We understand that if you have made the effort to come online looking for a kitchen worktop, whether it be Granite, Corian®, quartz, hardwood kitchen worktop, composite or laminate worktop then it goes without saying that your criteria is a high quality product and service at a great price. It's is our committed goal to fulfil that wish as seamlessly and as quickly as possible.

We endeavour always to offer all worktop types at the lowest possible prices without one iota of compromise to quality or service. Our Corian® & quartz worktops are the lowest priced in the UK being genuinely up to 37% off the manufactures list price AND fitted by quality networked installers, thus offering the full 10-year warranty.

Our hardwood kitchen worktops are manufactured specifically for us to extremely high specifications. 'A' grade hardwood, which in timber terms is as good as it gets in oak, walnut, beech, iroko, cherry, mahogany, luxurious wenge worktops and others, all from sustainable sources and manufactured in well managed mills. We supply, all at prices less that what we used to sell to the trade! AND we deliver most orders UK wide usually within 3-5 working days

Note: We do not and will not deal in poor quality unsustainable wood from Eastern Block nations.