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Wooden Worktops

  • Available in 11 species of solid wood worktop all at trade price.
  • Naturally beautiful.
  • Each Wooden Worktop is finished to a silky smooth finish.
  • Discounted Danish oil available.

  • For both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs, Wooden Worktops is a luxurious and attractive choice offering a warmth and beauty that is hard to equal.

    View our range of Hardwood Worktops ideal for enhancing your kitchen with timeless beauty of Wooden Worktops - available here for secure purchase.

    As the Importers most of our solid hardwood worktops are made specifically for us

    Tristone Advantages and Benefits

    Wooden Types


    Prime beech

    rustic beech




    American walnut

    European walnut

    Guide to Hardwood Kitchen Worktops

    A wooden worktop is one of the best ways of achieving a traditional, rustic country cottage effect in your kitchen, but also lends itself to more modern designs. Our consistently best sellers woods are Oak, European walnut, Iroko, Beech and Walnut for darker colours, all having their own unique attraction. Hardwood worktops if treated with respect will provide a natural beauty to your kitchen that is hard to replicate. Synthetic wood coloured products have come a long way, but nothing truly has the timeless luxury and warmth of a real solid wooden worktop.

    One of the main advantages of a wooden worktop is that other surfaces age over time and usage, losing their original splendour. Wood gains character over time, some woods become richer and deeper in colour over time, becoming a part of your home in a personal way that other materials will not.

    A solid wooden worktop also has the benefit that if you want to drill holes in it, shape the edges or even carve designs into the wood it will have the same unique grain running through the inside. The solidness of wooden worktops also means that surface damage or scratches can be easily sanded away to reveal a fresh surface.

    How to Install Hardwood Kitchen Worktops?

    Wooden surfacing can be fitted round most existing kitchen schemes with relative ease. Our worktops are provided ready for customising and installation by an experienced carpenter or kitchen fitter.

    Danish Oiling or waxing Hardwood worktops treat them to prevent mould and to increase liquid resistance. They can be cut to predetermined size requirements by special arrangement.

    When planning to incorporate wood into the design of your kitchen there are a couple of factors to consider as to where the wood will be best suited. In cases where you want your kitchen to incorporate entirely wooden worktops, we recommend a protective mat or trivet near the cooker. For sink areas, consider adequate drainage and avoid placing wet dishes directly on the wooden surface.

    How to Maintain Hardwood or Wooden Kitchen Worktops?

  • By caring for your solid wooden worktop you will provide years of value that will only improve with age. It is to be expected that wooden surfaces will change in appearance, but one of their main advantages is that they mature and adapt, becoming richer in colour and continuing to provide a solid and attractive worktop.

  • Wood is a porous material, and while our wood countertops are treated to minimise the absorption of liquids, spillages should always be cleaned up quickly. Avoid using excessive amounts of water to clean and do not leave any liquid on the surface after cleaning - always ensure that you have wiped the surface completely dry.

  • Use only cleaning products designed to help wood maintain its protective natural sheen and to promote hygiene, and when dealing with wood it is best to use a product designed for wood. For general daily cleaning a damp, not wet, cloth is usually sufficient.

  • It is not advisable to cut directly on a wooden worktop as this is likely to scratch the surface. It is preferable to use a mat for chopping and cutting. Leaving raw meat on the surface for prolonged periods should be avoided as a protection against bacteria build up. If raw meat or similar is in contact with the worktop be sure to clean thoroughly with a suitable anti-bacterial wood friendly cleaner.

  • To help wood retain its finish and to enhance water resistance, it is recommended that you periodically apply an oil based protecting product to the entire surface. Our worktops are treated to resist water but with cleaning and general use this sealant can become less effective and get worn away so a brief top up is needed. To apply simply clean surface and dry thoroughly then wipe oil into the grain of the wood. It is best to do this last thing at night to allow the oil to penetrate and dry, forming a protective layer.

  • If you follow these steps to protect and clean your Wooden Worktop, it will last for years and improve with age.

  • How to Store and Handle Hardwood Kitchen Worktops?

  • It is important to keep any wood product in a level of humidity that will not expose it to excessive moisture. Storage in a relatively dry environment prior to fitting is strongly advised. Moist conditions can encourage warping. Do not store solid wood worktops outside.

  • It must be remembered when storing any product, and particularly wood products that fire can be a hazard. Make sure that all precautions possible are taken to minimise the risk of fire spreading by keeping the wood away from other flammable materials. Do not smoke near the storage area or use any form of naked flame or spark.

  • You need to ensure a good air flow round the wood while it is in storage. Storing wood FLAT before installation is ESSENTIAL. it is best to place spacers between the wooden panels.