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Thank you for visiting our Kitchen Worktops Plus website. Seems we are one of the few worktop websites to actually provide a provable pedigree as to who we are and what we do.


We have been supplying and installing high end kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms since 1982. Soon we grew to three large and luxury high street showrooms and became a national award winning business in the process. In 1997 we began our first internet experiment and by 2000 the majority of our UK wide sales were coming from the internet.


39 Years of Quality service in



What we saved in expensive showroom rents and company vehicle fleet costs we returned as discount directly to you our customers. To this day we remain the largest online worktop presence, with the biggest choice and lowest prices. We continue to boast in our PRICE PROMISE – Show us a lesser quote and we WILL BEAT IT


Out of the thousands of customers we have had the honour of supplying over the years our projects have included kitchens and worktops in the smallest rooms imaginable to numerous giant projects in castles, mansions and award winning homes, We have been referred to Lords, ladies, Sirs, top athletes, singers, celebrities and numerous others all of which goes to prove we must be doing something right. Regardless of location or value we remain very thankful for every order that is trusted to us.


Consistently, over 30% of our business is referral, someone really liked what we did and passed our details on to a friend or family member. Since we also supply numerous Interior Designers, Developers, Builders, Showrooms, Architects, decorators etc. That equates that a further 20% of our annual business is to repeat clients that come back again. Some, several times a month, others a couple of times a year. So, again I guess you could say we obviously can deliver to a satisfactory standard.


So, are we perfect? No, and we have yet to meet the supplier that is. However, we daily strive for that. As a real family run business we experience all the same challenges as any other enterprise, Some times the delivery to us is late, sometimes an accident on the motorway can delay the team, the sink came the wrong colour and so on.

Regardless, our mission from day one till now has remained unwavering – And that is to offer you the best we can for the least we can the best way we can. And in the rare event of a glitch occurring, your worktop project is in the best hands for the situation to be resolved. We will bend over backwards and will not quit to complete every project to a rightfully expected and paid for satisfactory conclusion.

AS A MATTER OF INTEREST WE SUPPORT CHARITIES As a team we have a personal conviction to help the less fortunate and those that have suffered from disasters. Where and when members of our team are either first line or second line responders to major disasters: Hurricane Ike in the British West Indies, Typhoon and Super Storm Pablo and Yolanda that ripped the Philippines apart, The earthquake that skilled a quarter of a million in Haiti, worktop sales allowed us to be there first and stay there long after others had left. Worktop sales equalled rooftops restored. We don’t boast about that to extract any kind of kudos or sympathetic sale but the fact is if were able to give more we would. It’s your order that allows us to do that so we thank you. You can email any questions you may have to Best wishes and Kind regards We support and as amazing evidence-based health alternatives