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…Possibly but we would strongly prefer a sized sketch scanned, faxed or posted so that we all agree on exactly what was quoted on. For a fast and quite accurate quote visit on instant online Corian calculator

We get a good portion of our business through referrerals, customer recommendation is good business. You can read some testimonies in our compliments page link

Yes available at £10 each, the first is refundable against an order. Samples are usually free if visiting the website.

Yes exactly the same, Corian is a product that is manufactured under license and must adhere to the exact production specification. The only difference is the price.

We simply trim the margin and pass the discounts to the customer.

Corian is more accurately quoted per project rather than square metreage. The true cost of the project is not just the material but also includes fabrication, joints, edges and installation see online quote.

Corian has 7 price bands A to G with A being the cheapest G being the dearest.

Corian has 7 price bands A to G with A being the cheapest G being the dearest. Granite also has 6 price bands. Based on mid range from both worktop types price will be about equal. In comparison to Quartz type material (also available from Unicom) price compares well in Corian’s favour. As we offer a genuine 35% discount off all material and fabrication costs of your bespoke top it makes Corian a very worthy competitor indeed against all other solid surface types along with the assurance that 30 years of market experience Corian boasts

Yes we are a national company and fit all over UK mainland.

As with any solid surface undermounted sinks will always appear better than an inset option. Most aesthetic would be a Corian moulded sink available in 7 pastel colours. Alternively you could fit a very practical Corian moulded “mixa sink” available in all Corian colours but with a stainless steel base. Other options are of course Ceramic or stainless steel.


Yes sinks can be selected from our online quotation or from our Kitchen sinks website appliances are available offline but we will have an online site shortly.

Simply email or call us with the details of your required sink/taps. Soon our sinks website display most branded sink/tap options.

Bone, Cameo White, Glacier White, Vanilla.


Cutting foods on the solid surface worktops though possible you are recommended to use a chopping board to prevent scratching.


We recommend fitting pan bars or using a trivet.

No, please leave until the tops are in place.

Yes please, to help with any queries that we may have.


No, it’s best to leave them until after your worktops are fitted.

Usually not at all though with a lighter colour a keen eye may be able to spot a hairline join.


Corian combines well with tile, stainless steel, wood, granite or glass.

There are three types of countertop finishes: matte, semigloss and gloss.* All Corian sinks have the matte finish.

…Sorry, over to your plumber for this one!

…Sorry, please talk to your electrician!

Yes please. At least at the end to approve them.

Thankfully yes, Corian tops are easily maintained or at worst repaired.


Yes although precise colour matching could be a problem.

Regularly clean your surfaces with a damp cloth. Dry-off worktops to avoid dull patches appearing where hard water and soap residues may have been left behind during daily use. A light neutral (PH7) detergent may be safely added. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners or scour pads. A spray cleaner, which can be applied to surfaces to clean and maintain the surface shine


Yes works well as a shower wall instead of tiles.

The outlines are only there to give us a very rough idea of your layout and do not influence your price at all. Simply click any outline just to get your quote started.


You can email, fax or post a size sketch with all the details you wish to be priced for a more accurate quote.

The colours on our calculator are the ones guaranteed by DuPont, additional Corian colours are available but may require a disclaimer against complaints for scratching.


Click link 6 steps to ordering Granite worktop This link will explain payment terms, delivery times etc.


Yes, though you are required to DuPont Corian trained and certificated before we are able to supply to you.


Please see the following article copied from a UK Consumer Protection site:

How are you going to pay for the goods or service?

It may be worth paying by credit card, especially if the goods or service you are buying is worth over £100 but no more than £30,000 and the credit limit on your card is no more than £25,000. The effect of using a credit card is that card issuer may be jointly liable with the supplier if you discover problems with goods or services purchased with the credit card. You may therefore wish to take the problem up with the credit card company. This may also help if you have purchased goods abroad. (If the goods prove to be faulty or are not delivered, for example, it is easier to claim against the credit card company in the UK than against the supplier through a foreign court.)

For further information, refer to the fact sheet Your rights – bought on credit?

If you have to pay a deposit, try and keep it as low as possible and check if it is refundable.

Remember that the goods or services may come with a guarantee or warranty.

Routine daily care and maintenance of Corian is easy. But, because cleaning practices differ around the world, Soapy water or ammonia-based cleaners will remove most dirt and stains from all types of finishes. However, slightly different techniques must be used to remove difficult stains, depending on the finish. Please contact your source for Corian for more information.

All our installers are Quality Network approved which qualifies you for the full DuPont 10 year warranty