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Additional Colours

An additional range of Corian colours is available for less intensive uses. These colours are not recommended as kitchen worktops but will be fine for more decorative uses. Please call our sales team on 0845 330 7642 and choose option 2 if you need more information.

These dark, heavily pigmented Colours of Corian, will show scratches, dust and ordinary wear and tear more readily than lighter, textured colours. We recommend that these colours not be used in applications where the surface is exposed to heavy use and contact (i.e. worktops). These colours are most suitable for applications where surface contact is light and for use as inlays and accent colours.

Call our sales team on 0845 330 7642 for a quote on any of these Corian colours

Colour Group 1

Mint Ice colour sample
Mint Ice []
Strawberry Ice colour sample
Strawberry Ice []

Colour Group 2

Ice White worktop colour sample
Ice White []

Colour Group 3

Antique Amethyst colour sample
Antique Amethyst
Automn Leaves colour sample
Automn Leaves
Bluepowder colour sample
Bougainvillea colour sample
Coffee Bean colour sample
Coffee Bean
Grape Green colour sample
Grape Green
Hot colour sample
Mandarin colour sample
Marine Blue colour sample
Marine Blue
Medea colour sample
Nocturne colour sample
Shale colour sample
Sienna Brown colour sample
Sienna Brown
Spring Green colour sample
Spring Green
Summer Sky colour sample
Summer Sky
Sun colour sample
Sweet Violet colour sample
Sweet Violet

Colour Group 4

Anthracite colour sample
Bronzite colour sample
Cocoa Brown colour sample
Cocoa Brown
Copperite colour sample
Elderberry colour sample
Gravel colour sample
Night Sky colour sample
Night Sky
Olivite colour sample
Pompeii Red colour sample
Pompeii Red
Silverite colour sample
Blueberry Ice colour sample
Blueberry Ice []
Glacier Ice colour sample
Glacier Ice []
Lime Ice colour sample
Lime Ice []


The "Illumination Series" introduces colours with superior translucency to enhance the potential for lighting effects with Corian®. Possible finishes: matte, semigloss, gloss. Different thicknesses and colours are available according to our special order policy. Standard dimensions are nominal (12 mm).
  Colour groups 1-4 indicate price groups.
  Screen or printed representation of colours may vary from actual samples.