What is a Diresco Worktop?

Diresco Solid Surface is a unique engineered stone composed of more than 90% natural Quartz or Granite granulates together with resin. Diresco composition is a stunning and strikingly beautiful work surface. Diresco Solid Surface is tough and hard wearing with its durability and strength comparable to diamonds. Diresco Solid Surface is extremely scratch, heat, water, and corrosion proof because of its distinctive composition. Diresco is a dimensional stable solid surface with a very high mechanical resistance. Diresco High Quality materials are extraordinarily robust and have a maximum dry heat resistance, withstanding heat up to 180 degrees. Diresco is a long lasting stone work surface option that you can invest your money in. Diresco High Quality materials are chosen by meticulous quality-seeking consumers as it provides endless design and usage probabilities for many projects. Diresco can be modified in many ways. Diresco can be used over a kitchen worktop, floor, staircase, wall cladding, bathroom, furniture and other interior designs.

Diresco Solid Surface Benefits

Diresco Solid Surface materials have a quality and beauty with fabulous options for commercial and residential projects. The Diresco High Quality finish lends itself to a luxurious interior and provides a truly distinctive experience for any residential home or commercial property. In addition, Diresco comes in a vast selection of tones of Granite or Quartz colours. Diresco High Quality materials give many finish options for a kitchen worktop or an entire project.

Diresco Product Specification

Diresco Solid Surface is a very strong, high quality material which comes from a very wide range of an exquisite colour selections. You can choose unique colours from the vast scope the Diresco Palette. The Diresco Palette is dynamic and follows trendy colours worldwide to create the most brilliant hues for any innovative kitchen makeover enthusiast. The Diresco solid work surface product comes in a standard thickness of 1.2cm, 2cm and 3cm which are always readily in stock. You can be sure that we can flexibly respond to any urgent request and completely provide our Diresco High Quality products to you.

Diresco Product Cleaning and Care

Diresco High Quailty products are very easy to clean and maintain and is highly hygienic and completely non-porous. Diresco High Quality surface only requires a piece of damp cloth and warm water. All you need to do to preserve the surface cleanliness, gloss and shine is to wipe down all spills and splashes. Do it immediately after each and every use to avoid any permanent stubborn stains on your Diresco Solid Surface worktop.