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Elegant African Walnut Worktop

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Elegant African Walnut WorktopsAfrican Walnut is grown in the tropics of western Africa. It is extremely hard, close-grained and resists water very well. African Walnut is dark brown in colour, and with regular oiling it will darken down until it reaches maturity in its situation.

Other common names for African Walnut are Mpengwa (Ghana), Anamemila, Apopo, Sida (Nigeria), Bombulu (Zaire), Dibetou (Gabon, Ivory Coast), Congowood and Tigerwood (United States).

Interesting fact: Locally, the bark is used to as an agent in pain relief, and the wood is often used in constructing bridges and buildings, proving its longevity and strength. However, despite the wood itself being an beautiful and safe addition to any kitchen the fruits and leaves are poisonous, and it is believed that only 6-8 seeds can kill a man!