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Bamboo Worktops

Broad Staves
2400x620x40mm - (Bamboo Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £219.99
3000x620x40mm - (Bamboo Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £249.99
2400x960x40mm - (Bamboo Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £309.99
2400x620x27mm - (Bamboo Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £199.99
3000x620x27mm - (Bamboo Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £239.99
2400x960x27mm - (Bamboo Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £259.99

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Bamboo WorktopsBamboo not only looks fantastic, but it is one of the best materials in the world as far as sustainability goes. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. This makes Bamboo an ecologically sound material. Bamboo is harvested after 5 - 6 years then grows back to be harvested again, making it one of the most sustainable building material anywhere.

This stunning natural product provides a warm finish to any Kitchen Design. As it ages it becomes more beautiful as the timber slowly seasons and the patina mellows evolving into a living breathing part of your home.

Bamboo Worktops are an excellent choice due to their natural resistance to moisture

The unusual graining gives Bamboo Kitchen Worktops that unique touch which makes it stand out immediately. This robust material will last a very long time and continue to look great as the years pass.