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Walnut Tree

Walnut (genus Juglans) are deciduous trees in the juglandaceae family these trees stand 10-40 meters tall (about 30-130 ft) with pinnate (feather like) leaves 200 - 900 mm long(7-35in).

There are 21 species in the walnut genus that come forth across the north temperate old world from south east Europe east to Japan, and more widely in the new world from southeast Canada west to California and south to Argentina, The word walnut derives from old English Wealhhnutu, literally "Foreign Nut" the walnut was given this name because it was introduced from Gaul and Italy.

Individual walnut worktop species overview

African Walnut Worktops: African Walnut Worktop colour ranges from light to dark chocolate brown colours and because of its irregular dark to black lines it is also known as tiger walnut.

walnut tree distribution map
Walnut Tree cultivation areas

African walnut is a very hard and heavy wood with close grains and its resistance to water is high

European Walnut worktops: European walnut worktops have a wide diversity in grain patterns, the colour of European walnut is grey-brown with prominent light to dark brown shades or even black streaks the attributes of this species include close grained, resists water well, medium bending strength, resistance to shock loads is good and it works well with hand and machine tools.

American Walnut Worktops: American walnut is prized for its very dark heart wood and its overall dark appearance but also because it has all the attributes of European and African walnut species.


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