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1800x600x54mm - (Maia Meteorite Worktop) £408.00
3600x600x54mm - (Maia Meteorite Worktop) £705.00
1800x650x54mm - (Maia Meteorite Worktop) £412.00
3600x650x54mm - (Maia Meteorite Worktop) £708.00
1800x600x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Worktop) £350.00
3600x600x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Worktop) £590.00
1800x650x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Worktop) £355.00
3600x650x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Worktop) £593.00
Breakfast Bar
1800x900x54mm - (Maia Meteorite Breakfast Bar) £555.00
3600x900x54mm - (Maia Meteorite Breakfast Bar) £952.00
1800x900x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Breakfast Bar) £478.00
3600x900x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Breakfast Bar) £798.00
Curved End Worktop
1800x650x54mm - (Maia Meteorite Curved End Worktop) £473.00
3600x650x54mm - (Maia Meteorite Curved End Worktop) £801.00
1800x650x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Curved End Worktop) £416.00
3600x650x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Curved End Worktop) £686.00
Curved End Breakfast Bar
1800x900x54mm - (Maia Meteorite Curved End Breakfast Bar) £588.00
3600x900x54mm - (Maia Meteorite Curved End Breakfast Bar) £1033.00
1800x900x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Curved End Breakfast Bar) £512.00
3600x900x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Curved End Breakfast Bar) £880.00
3680x10x70mm - (Maia Meteorite Upstand) £136.00
3680x10x580mm - (Maia Meteorite Splashback) £656.00
Hob Splashback
900x10x760mm - (Maia Meteorite Hob Splashback) £208.00
3600x15x150mm - (Maia Meteorite Plinth) £144.00
Worktop with Sink
1800x600x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Worktop with Undermounted Single Bowl Sink Worktop with Sink) £1024.00
Worktop with 1.5 Bowl Sink
1800x600x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Worktop with 1.5 Bowl Sink) £1104.00
Sink Module Large Bowl
1800x600x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Sink Module Large Bowl) £1070.00
Sink Module Designer 1.5 Bowl
1800x600x42mm - (Maia Meteorite Sink Module Designer 1.5 Bowl) £1128.00
End Panel
900x897x100mm - (Maia Meteorite 100mm End Panel) £400.00
900x897x45mm - (Maia Meteorite 45mm End Panel) £352.00
Edge Strip
1200x3x45mm - (Maia Meteorite Edge Strip) £17.00
Chopping Board
390x310x10mm - (Maia Meteorite Chopping Board) £67.00

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Maia Meteorite colour sample
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Maia Care Kit

We strongly recommend buying the Maia Care Kit which includes:

  • 414ml Countertop Magic
  • 1 x Ergonomic Foam Sanding Block
  • 2 x Sanding Discs
  • 1 x Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
  • 2 x Scotch-Briteandtrade Pads
  • Instructions

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The elongated, smooth curves of this twin lever mixer make it a bold and fashionable choice. Fitted with flow aerator.

Maia Geometry Tap


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